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Promoting Sustainable and Responsible Farming Practices with N Agro

At N Agro, we believe in the importance of good soil health for sustainable production. Through our sister concern Kalpabrikshya, we have been producing beneficial microorganisms for the past decade to provide solutions for pests and diseases without the need for agrochemicals. We strongly advocate for the use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in the fields as a stepping stone towards future certified organic productions and addressing present food safety issues.

Our mission is to promote sustainable and responsible farming practices by reducing the use of harmful chemicals and promoting the use of beneficial microorganisms. By implementing IPM methods, farmers can maintain healthy crop yields while also protecting the environment and ensuring food safety for consumers. We strive to make organic production accessible to all farmers and contribute to the overall well-being of the agricultural industry.


Product Tutavir

Tutavir contains a Phthorimaea operculella granulovirus (PhopGV) for highly effective and selective control of the tomato leafminer Tuta Absoluta. Due to its high compatibility with pollinators, beneficials and other inputs, Tutavir is the best candidate for integrated pest management programs. Because of its new and unique mode of action, Tutavir is an important tool for resistance management in conventional and biological production systems.


  • Due to its high compatibility, Tutavir is an especially valuable tool for integration in pest control programs.
  • Tutavir is an an excellent resistance management tool with its new and unique mode of action
  • Completely safe for human and having 0 days of waiting period.


  Pest Information

The Tomato leafminer Tuta absoluta is a very destructive and hard to control pest. Originating in South America, it was found in Spain in 2006 and has been spreading throughout the Mediterranean region but also continental Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The larvae of the pest mine into leaves and fruits which can fast lead to complete crop loss. Many Tomato leafminer populations are resistant to a wide array of pesticides, both chemical and biological.  

N Agro Bio-Controls Glimpses

 Some glimpse  training sessions or workshops that provide knowledge and skills related to bio-solutions such as biopesticides, biofertilizers, biodegradable plastics and other products made from or using organisms or their by-products for farmers, researchers or other professionals in agriculture or biology fields.

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