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N Agro Greenhouse Design Projects

N Agro in consortium with Wageningen UR, University of Eindhoven, Beek’s Advisory Services, Enza Zaden, SHR has developed a customized GreenHouse design for our farmers of  approx.1200m of mid hilly regions of Nepal. The designs will minimize the day time temp and humidity as well increase the night time temperature. The passive chimney effect will also minimize the pest and disease occurances as welll as increase the yield from 7-10 kgs/sq m to upto 35 kgs/sq m in optimal crop productions for the case of tomatoes.

The next crucial steps are to realize  these GH designs in the farmers level and demonstration centers and develop a efficient crop production strategy and disseminate to the farmers. For detailed information please visit our Publication & Resources page or contact us.

In 2016, N Agro has also designed and implemented a stone greenhouse for the higher hill farmers of 1800meter and above. The design successfully makes possible for a year round production for these rural areas.


Minimize the pest & disease occurances, lessening the use of agro chemicals

Production of safer off seasonal vegetables

Tackle the Climate changes without impact on food security

Optimize the possible productions

Exploring the World of Hydroponics: A Soilless Method of Growing Plants

Hydroponics is a revolutionary method of cultivating plants without the use of soil. Instead, plants are grown in a soilless medium, such as perlite, rockwool, or clay pebbles, and their roots are suspended in a mineral nutrient solution. This innovative method of gardening allows for greater control over the growing conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and nutrient levels, resulting in faster growth and higher yields than traditional soil-based gardening.

One of the biggest advantages of hydroponics is the ability to grow plants in urban areas where space is limited, or in areas where soil is contaminated or otherwise unsuitable for traditional gardening. The method can be used in small-scale home gardens or in large commercial operations, it also can be used to grow a wide variety of plants, including fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers.


 To provide an alternative method of growing plants that does not rely on soil.

Used to minimize the use of agro chemicals and to combat soil-borne diseases.

Efficient use of water and nutrients, making it a sustainable method of growing plants.

N Agro has been disseminating the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) as a form of hydroponics.

Who Can Benefit from Hydroponics: A Versatile Method of Growing Plants

Hydroponics is a versatile method of growing plants that is applicable for a wide range of people and groups. Some of the main groups that would benefit from hydroponics include:

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